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Vapour Removal UK

At Vapour Removal UK we provide an ecological cleaning solution to a worldwide problem…Chewing Gum!!!!

Discarded chewing gum has been a serious issue for organisations in both the public and private sectors for many decades and the problem seems to be getting worse. Increased levels of damaged clothing and family pets consuming discarded chewing gum are leading to ever-increasing numbers of legal claims.

A customer’s perception can have an adverse impact when faced with what seems like a lack of care for how entrances to premises/businesses are presented; first impressions last.

Chewing gum will eventually stick firmly to the surface it lands on, usually walkways, stairs, escalators, pavements and areas where people gather. Deposits gradually accumulate compromising the quality of public space in the same way as other litter.

Chewing gum removal has been a problem for most major city councils and local businesses who want to be seen as providing clean and safe environments for its residents and customers.

Other methods of chewing gum removal have caused various health and safety issues due to the fact that our competitors use high-pressure washers that require gallons of water and also damaging chemicals that have a negative impact on our environment.

Vapour Removal UK

Benefits of our technology:

At Vapour Removal UK we combine ecological cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly cleaning detergentstooffer a uniquely different service to our competitors, delivering cost effective cleaning solutions that really do work. We remove chewing gum from internal or external surface in seconds including concrete, block-paving, tarmac, wooden floors, natural stone, tiles, marble and entrance mats.

We only use Eco friendly detergents, so in the process of removing even the toughest of chewing gum, there is no adverse effect on the environment.

Our amazing machines eliminate the need for high pressure hoses, unfriendly chemicals and overspray into unwanted spaces, making it highly suitable to work in both populated and busy areas. Our portable, lightweight machines are contained in a robust and secure backpack enabling our Gum Technicians safe access to any area. The backpacks allow a continuous eight hours of cleaning ensuring we remove as much chewing gum as possible, delivering an unrivalled service and fantastic value for money.

The unit is attached to an ergonomic lance designed specifically to ensure fast, reliable and easy operation with maximum chewing gum removal. There is a clever pump that injects 16ml per minute of the solution into the lance which is the exact amount required to provide a constant source of vaporised solution. At the point of contact, our specially designed brush emits a PH Neutral and Safe steam mixture to vaporise the chewing gum. The combination of light pressure, heat and cleaning solution means that a wad of gum can be removed in just a matter of seconds – our gum technicians can remove an incredible amount of gum per hour with no disruption to the public. This is more than double the efficiency of the best possible alternative product.


No water spray

So there’s not gallons of water everywhere!


No external power source required

So no trailing leads causing a tripping hazard or noisy generators


No blowing sand out of joints

So no rivers of sand or dislodged, uneven pavements


No need to barrier-off areas for storage

Everything is self-contained in the backpack


No damage to surfaces

Unlike power-washing


Completely silent

Cleaning operations can be carried out at night.


Portable and safe

cleaning can also be carried out during busy times, generating great positive PR and press coverage.


Environmentally friendly

Our unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil based making it completely bio-degradable.

Gum Facts

  • 80-90% of chewing gum is not disposed of in any litter receptacle.
  • In April 2006, discarded chewing gum was defined as litter for the first time under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act. Gum droppers can be subjected to an on-the-spot fine
  • Chewing Gum is the second most common form of litter after cigarette buts
  • Chewing gum is made from polymers which are synthetic plastics that do not biodegrade. When it’s dropped onto the pavement, it stays there until it’s removed
  • The amount of annually discarded chewing gum has the equivalent volume of Three Big Ben clock towers
  • After the Smoking Ban was introduced in Ireland, gum use increased by a staggering 30%.
  • Britons are the second biggest consumers of gum in the world with 120 to 130 sticks per person each year. It’s 20 in China and only 4 in India.
  • Chewing gum has been banned in Singapore for nearly 20 years.
  • There are over 3 million packs of chewing gum made every day in Britain. Most of it comes from a factory in Plymouth, Devon.
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